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In the UEFA Champions League final a month ago, Neymar missed the Big Ears Cup. After the game, tears shed tears on the court, and public opinion was full of regret. Just over a month later, the Brazilian genius once again appeared in the hot search, but the story is no longer Linked with feelings, it has entered the cusp of controversy. Early this morning, Beijing time, Radio Searle announced Neymar’s alleged insult to China, as if a blockbuster fell on the circle of Chinese fans, and the samba superstar’s personality was facing collapse. What happened to such Neymar?


The ins and outs of the story


Neymar was caught up in the turmoil, but also from the French national derby half a month ago, when Paris Saint-Germain lost 0 to 1 at home to rival Marseille. At the end of the game, the two sides broke out fierce conflict, including 5 Neymar. The player was sent off, as the Ligue 1 card battle, there was a situation of 5 red and 14 yellow, which caused a very bad impact.

内马尔(Neymar)被卷入这场动荡之中,但也半个月前还从法国国家德比大赛中身陷困境,当时巴黎圣日耳曼队在主场以0比1输给竞争对手马赛。比赛结束时,双方爆发了激烈的冲突,其中包括5名内马尔。玩家被遣散,因为在Ligue 1卡牌战中,出现5红色和14黄色的情况,造成了非常严重的影响。

Neymar was sent off because he punched Alvaro in the back of the head. After the match, the Brazilian claimed that he had been racially discriminated against by Alvaro. However, both the club and the players in Marseille denied this and counter-sued Neymar against it. Alvaro has homophobic remarks and racially discriminatory remarks against Japanese midfielder Hiroki Sakai. As a result, the incident continued to ferment, until the video evidence of Sear Radio pushed the topic to a climax.

内马尔被释放,因为他在脑后猛击了阿尔瓦罗。比赛结束后,巴西人声称他已经受到阿尔瓦罗的种族歧视。但是,马赛俱乐部和球员都否认了这一点,并向内马尔提出了反诉。阿尔瓦罗(Alvaro)对日本中场酒井博树(Hiroki Sakai)有恐同言论和种族歧视言论。结果,事件继续发酵,直到Sear Radio的视频证据将话题推向高潮。

According to the exposed video, Sakai Hiroki first smiled and said something to Neymar, but Neymar was completely out of control. He first said to Sakai Hiroki, "You stay away from me", and then he said two consecutive words " chino de mierda". Hiroki Sakai made a downward pressure with his right hand, hoping that Neymar could control his emotions.

根据公开的视频,酒井弘树首先微笑着对内马尔说了些什么,但内马尔完全失控了。他首先对酒井裕树说:“你远离我”,然后他连续说了两个单词“ chino de mierda”。酒井裕树(Hiroki Sakai)的右手往下压,希望内马尔能控制自己的情绪。

Not only that, but Neymar's professional attitude has also been questioned, because in the subsequent pictures, the Brazilian not only asked Sakai Hiroki to stay away from him again, but also said "puta liga" (damn Ligue 1). This is equivalent to spitting on the plate where you eat, and it seems that there is no professional ethics.

不仅如此,而且内马尔的职业态度也受到质疑,因为在随后的照片中,巴西人不仅要求坂井裕树再次远离他,而且还说“ puta liga”(该死的列格1)。这亚搏体育app官网下载等同于在您吃饭的地方随地吐痰,而且似乎没有职业道德。

When will the 28-year-old "third person" become mature?


From the very beginning, many fans questioned the authenticity of the media reports, and now the video with strong evidence has been released. In this case, Neymar's ban by the Football Association is almost a foregone conclusion. Homophobic remarks plus racially discriminatory remarks, Neymar will face a ban of up to 20 games. But compared with the suspension, the impact on his own image is more deadly, because no matter what emotion he says "Damn Chinese" in Spanish, it is an irrational, immature and immoral the behavior of.


<亚搏体育下载官方img src="https://img1.qunliao.info/fastdfs5/M00/45/7A/720x-/-/-/rB8CCl90IUSAOD4DAACXVIQAZ6k360.jpg"/>

In fact, it is no longer a day or two for Neymar to be criticized for being "immature". As early as the Santos period, Neymar had already shown his "childishness." In a game at the age of 18, the coach asked him not to take a penalty kick. Neymar directly angrily scolded his coach, and shortly afterwards, he and his teammates exposed the news of the cycle of seeking call girls.


In terms of personal love history, Neymar also has a rich resume. At the age of 19, he stated on personal social media that he would become a father, and the child's mother was just a 16-year-old underage girl. Before landing in Europe, 21-year-old Neymar had already had five love histories, but if you read his lace news carefully, you will find that splitting and reuniting with his ex-girlfriend has become commonplace. Some time ago, he recovered and found a new girlfriend.


In addition, as the leader of a team, Neymar is often accused of being "emotional" and "vulnerable" by the media. When he scores a goal in the World Cup, he will cry to vent the pressure. When he is injured, he will be aggrieved by chagrin. Cry, when he loses, he will cry because of failure. People who love Neymar will say that he is a "true temperament", but in the final analysis, as a figure who was regarded as the third person after Melo when he was 20 years old, Neymar still has difficulty in managing his emotions. King’s responsibility.


This time, when emotions and words broke out again, Neymar faced another crisis. At this time, when he was 28 years old, when could he become mature?


No idol before the country


The more far-reaching impact of the Neymar incident was in the Chinese fan circle. Considering that Neymar has many fans in China, after the video evidence was released, the Chinese fans split into two opposing factions. One type of fans said that Neymar was just a personal emotional vent, just like the "little Japan" and "Niko" often referred to in the Chinese population, while the other type of fans said that they could not wash away China and public figures must be responsible for their words and deeds.


In fact, the topic of national dignity has often happened recently. The former general manager of a certain NBA red team, Morey, publicly insulted China. Until now, the impact on the entire league has not been eliminated. Later, a Turk in Arsenal supported radical remarks. Also "delisted" by the Chinese fan circle. There are inherent differences between Eastern and Western cultures, and arrogance and prejudice always exist, but the bottom line should be clear-respect is the basis of communication.


Before Ligue 1 gave an official announcement, the Neymar incident could not be finalized, but anyway, some principles should not be crossed. This is destined to be a big storm in Neymar's career, and Chinese fans should also know that before the superstar we are chasing shines on the court, we should improve our cultivation. Idols are role models, no matter what era, this is a topic worth thinking about.

在Ligue 1正式宣布之前,内马尔事件无法最终确定,但是无论如何,一些原则都不应被超越。这注定是内马尔事业上的一次大风暴,中国球迷还应该知道,在我们追逐的超级巨星在球场上闪耀之前,我们应该改善自己的修养。偶像是榜样,无论什么时代,这都是值得思考的话题。





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