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亚搏体育下载官方_詹姆斯西决G3仅2罚+3场共10罚 湖人向联盟提起申诉

On September 24, Beijing time, when James had no "star whistle", could such a phenomenon be imaginable? In the G3 game of the Western Conference Finals where the Lakers lost to the Nuggets, James even contributed a triple-double of 30+10+11, but he only scored 2 free throws in the game, and was only awarded by Murray with a first-level malicious foul and elbow on the chin. Free throw opportunities. Even more tragic is that James has only had 10 free throws in the three games so far in the Western Conference Finals. The number of free throws by James is amazing, and the Lakers have formally filed a complaint to the league and hope it can be changed.

9月24日,北京时间,詹姆斯没有“星哨”,这种现象是否可以想象?在西部决赛的G3游戏中,湖人队输给亚搏体育app官网亚搏体育下载官方下载了掘金队,詹亚搏体育app官网下载姆斯甚至贡献了30 + 10 + 11的三双,但他在比赛中只拿到了2个罚球,而且只有穆雷授予他2分。下巴有一级恶意犯规和肘部。罚球机会。更悲惨的是,到目前为止,詹姆斯在西部决赛中的三场比赛中只有10次罚球。詹姆斯的罚球次数是惊人的,湖人队已经正式向联盟提出了申诉,希望可以改变。

As the absolute number one player in the NBA, James has been diligently trying to catch up with Jordan, even if the outside world does not think he can catch up with Jordan. It's just that James still maintains an excellent competitive state at the age of 35. Even before he only won 16 first votes in the regular season, the outside world has unanimously criticized him.


It's just that the unfair treatment that James suffered seems to be far more than that, and he suddenly began to not enjoy the "star whistle", and even the most basic superstar free throw standard treatment can not be reached, which is naturally quite shocking.


"Star whistle" does not completely refer to the so-called unspoken rules, but more of the lethality and aggressiveness of the stars on the court, and James is naturally one of the most aggressive superstars in the NBA. Just looking at the first three games of the Western Conference finals, the league "whistle" treatment that James encountered is undoubtedly unbearable to look at.


In the G3 game of the Western Conference finals, James blasted 30+ triple-doubles and almost led the Lakers to complete a 20-point reversal. However, his 30 points in the game were 29 points from sports goals and only 1 point from free throws. In fact, James only got two free throw opportunities, that is, in the second half, he was hit by Murray's elbow in the chin, and was fouled by his opponent's first-level malicious foul to win two free throws. At other times, James had 0 free throws.


As for James’ free throws in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, he averaged only 4 free throws and 3 free throws in the first two games. Therefore, James only had 10 free throws in the three Western Conference finals. More than 5 free throws in a single game is undoubtedly shocking.


In addition, James has played in 13 playoff games this year. He averaged only 6.6 free throws per game and 72.1% of free throws. Compared to his playoff averages of 25.9 points, 10.0 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game, he is undoubtedly free throws. The score is too low.


In this regard, the Lakers already have too little evidence of James’ free throws in the West and filed a complaint with the NBA. Naturally, they hope to be able to get a corresponding change in the penalty in the next game.


Lakers coach Vogel said, "We are complaining to the league about fouls through appropriate channels. LeBron (James) is very aggressive to the basket. At this point, I can only talk about this for now. I don't want to make any public comments. I can only say that we showed a very good calm attitude, especially when we had a technical foul in the second game, but we survived."


You must know that the Lakers have also become a "big head" in terms of technical fouls. In the two or three games of the Western Conference Finals, Warcraft Howard got a technical foul, and the Lakers assistant Phil Handy also got a technical foul. It seems that The Lakers are being "targeted", and it remains to be seen whether the Western Conference finals will change.

您必须知道,湖人在技术犯规方面也已成为“大人物”。在西部决赛的两三场比赛中,霍华德·霍华德(Howard Howard)犯了技术犯规,湖人助理菲尔·汉迪(Phil Handy)也犯了技术犯规。看来湖人正在成为“目标”,西部决赛的决赛是否会改变还有待观察。





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